​DAVIS MENTAL HEALTH GROUP works with families and individuals who are affected by Mental Health Challenges. We provide up to date information provided by other Mental Health professionals to ensure that people are aware of the options they have. We are an advocate for Mental Illness and assist others with the knowledge, support, and guidance they need. 

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May 2021 - We have launched our first ever regional Mental Health Resource Guide booklet to empower individuals to take control in managing their mental wellness journey, or to help support loved ones. This project has been five years in the making and was funded in full by the Freeport Community Foundation.


Many thanks to DMHG board members Sam and Rosemary Havens, Support Group member volunteer Pat McClellan, and the surrounding community that continues to support our projects that help close the mental health resource knowledge-gaps in Northwest IL and beyond.

“Our motto is One life at a time. Since Covid-19 caused a national quarantine, DMHG experienced an uptick of the public reaching out to receive 1:1 educational support and mental health resource alignment coaching. We hope organizing and centralizing relevant information into this Mental Health Resource Guide will empower others with knowledge to treat their own mental health and or learn how to support a loved one who may be struggling to manage a mental health challenge of their own.”  -Katrina Davis (DMHG President)

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