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JULY 19 - Support Group

DMHG Building

JULY 27 - R.A.M.P Wheel-a-thon

HCC YMCA Sports Center

AUGUST 2 - Support Group

DMHG Building

AUGUST 16 - Support Group

DMHG Building

SEPTEMBER 6 - Support Group

DMHG Building

SEPTEMBER 20 - Support Group

DMHG Building

SEPTEMBER 29 - 1st Annual DMHG Charity Golf Outing

Park Hills Golf Course

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May was Mental Health Awareness Month

Millions of people, in the U.S. alone, are living with a mental health condition.  Everyone is affected in some way through friends, family and people around you.  Get Involved.  

City of Freeport Proclamation for Month of May

The city of Freeport recently recognized the Davis Mental Health Group for their dedication and support efforts on behalf of all people who are affected by mental illness.  Find out more.

Green Ribbon Project for Month of May

Place a green ribbon, bow, or balloon in a yard or on a front door, entrance to your place of employment, car antenna or place of property to support the Green Ribbon Project.  Then, take a photo and share it on Facebook with #GoGreenFreeport.

Help us break through the stigma associated with mental illness by expressing compassion and and help us draw attention to the need for establishing proven methods that can help change the lives of those impacted by mental health issues for the better.



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