Forest Trees

Our Services

Contact us to learn more about how we service the public. Although based in Northwest Illinois, we often help many people outside of the region. "One Life at a Time"


  • Bi-Weekly Support Groups

    • Stephenson County, IL​

    • Carroll County, IL

  • One-on-one or Family Support Session​

  • ​Mental Health Resource Consult​

Training and Education

  • Grief, Loss, and Ambiguous Loss

  • Mental Health First Aid (Financial Sponsor)

  • Bullying and Suicide Prevention

  • Mental Health Resource-Alignment Coaching



  • Community Outreach Events

  • Community Partnership Collaborations

  • Public Speaking Engagements


Forest Trees

Jeanne Merchant 

Corporate Wellness Manager - County of Medina, OH

Katrina's contribution to our mental wellness panel was hearty and well-delivered. She made sure to confirm our visions in advance so that she could provide the greatest value, shich she absolutely fulfilled. Katrina pours herself into her work, providing comprehensive resources and follow up. Our group was engaged and inspired by Katrina. We will definitely be inviting her back again.