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Katrina serves on the Board as the President.  She is the daughter of Davis Mental Health Groups’ memorialized inspiration - Pat and Carlotta Davis.  While facing the tragic loss of her parents, Katrina decided to direct her anguish into a larger platform of activism.  This resolution, coupled with her professional skills enables her to coach persons (families) towards finding appropriate mental health resources.  Personally impacted, she knows first hand how helpless one can feel while trying to assist a loved one with severe mental illness.  She passionately embraces civilizing mental health education and support for all persons and families impacted by mental health challenges. Katrina is Mental Health First Aid Certified for both Youth and Adults and holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education/Training and Development. "Most of my skills naturally come from being a people person - I thrive on providing education and support to empower people impacted by mental illness, their families, and communities to flourish in their mental health journeys."

Rosemary serves on the Board as the Treasurer of Davis Mental Health Group.  She is married to Sam and is a native to Freeport.  Like Sam, she became good friends with Pat and Carlotta Davis when they served together on the Board of NAMI Stephenson County.  Alongside holding responsibilities as DMHG Treasurer, she helps to support our social media presence through curating content, and co-facilitates group therapy, along with Sam, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Co-facilitating group therapy is a passion of hers; which in part, has been supported by her relationship with members of the Freeport community. Her passion for helping those with mental illness is clear.  Rosemary is a certified teacher for Family to Family programs with NAMI.  Davis Mental Health Group is honored to share their journey with Rosemary.

Sam serves on the Board as the Vice-President of Davis Mental Health Group.  He became good friends with Pat and Carlotta Davis when they served together on the Board of NAMI Stephenson County.  Sam served as President of NAMI Stephenson County until its closure at the beginning of 2017.  His passion for helping people and their families who experience mental illness is one of the reason's why he enjoys co-facilitating group therapy at our office in Freeport, IL.  Mental illness touches Sam personally, as he has a son who lives with mental illness and many friends.  Sam is trained in Family to Family courses from NAMI Illinois. He also has extensive training in Facilitation, Team Building and Team Conflict from The Leadership Institute at Highland Community College.  Working with people who have disabilities has also been a huge factor in his life; as he is a caregiver to someone with physical disabilities.  He worked at Honeywell, Inc. for 28 years and currently works for Colony Brands, Inc. 

Denise serves on the Board as the Secretary.  She became close friends with both Pat and Carlotta many years ago and their families still remain close.  They served as each others mental health support network as they were both caring for loved one's who were living with mental illness.  Denise is a native to the Northwest IL Region and provides administrative support to DMHG. She holds a deep passion to mirror the legacy her dear friends Pat and Carlotta Davis exemplified in their mission-based work to approach providing tailored mental health support and services to rural communities. Denise’s strengths are many; however, her specific ability to expertly care for and see any task through to success is highly valued by the DMHG team. Davis Mental Health Group is humbled to share their journey with Denise.

Mckenzie serves on the Board as the Vice President of Donor and Affiliate Relations and facilitates the Carroll County, IL Support Group. She is the daughter of the Groups’ memorialized inspiration - Pat and Carlotta Davis.  Knowing first-hand what it's like to care for someone who is mentally ill and experience heartache and devastation due to mental illness, she has made a conscious decision to carry her parents legacy forward.  She is a mother to three boys and a daughter.  They serve as her motivation to ensure the community surrounding them  has access to the mental health education and support they need to build a strong future.  Mckenzie specializes in connecting people throughout the community.  She is an excellent communicator in letting others know about the support options, events, and activities provided by Davis Mental Health Group.   She also enjoys identifying people, businesses and organizations who would like to support or partner with our non-profit.  Her strengths come from her big heart and ability to connect with people.

Fischer is Davis Mental Health Group’s first honorary Teen Youth Ambassador. He is the first Grandson of the Groups' memorialized inspiration - Pat and Carlotta Davis.  He is also the son of Mckenzie Jackson. Fischer attends Eastland High School in Lanark, IL, where he is an athlete and a thespian. He enjoys wrestling and theatre.  As a Teen Youth Ambassador, he attends board meetings and receives informal leader training through assisting different board members with projects.  His main goal is to act as a vehicle for the community youth to become involved in and understand the importance of mental health awareness, compassion, and where to find support when needed. He views his position as a great opportunity to invite other like-minded teens to gain experiences in civic engagement and leadership development and is proud to be a part of Davis Mental Health Group’s journey.








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